Welcome to Die Fledermaus


Founded in 1987, Die Fledermaus has celebrated over 30 years at Pennsic & is actually one of only 4 clans to open what is affectionately called The Swamp. Indeed, we represent one of the oldest & most established camps for the entire festival.


Offering a tradition of freedom, friendship, & boundless possibility, we exist as alternative to the mainstream experience. So let your spirit run wild in a place without judgement or concern. Die Fledermaus provides a welcoming environment that is open to all.


Hosted at Coopers Lake in Slippery Rock, Pa. Pennsic provides an alternate reality from the normal festival experience. And while some engage in the medieval reenactment for which it is known, others find joy in an endless parade of revelry that lasts well into the night. These are the two faces it carries. You choose your flavor & get the most in what you seek.


                                 ~ We Hope You'll Join Us ~

As a welcoming space for open possibility, Die Fledermaus tends to serve as the 'scene camp' for those interested in the alternative & adult sub-cultures. In truth, we carry a long tradition of fun filled debauchery, friendship, & social mayhem that's worthy of our reputation.

Located in the far reaches of what is affectionately termed The Swamp, we aptly stand at the edge of the known world & provide a different dimension to the standard festival experience.


As a camp, we offer FULL amenities with all the comforts you may need. We also host a number of well recognized affairs both large & small. As a group, we’re a social bunch with strong ties to various clans & the scene in general. True to our name, each evening the drums call forth so bats take flight as a roaming band to explore the night & all it has to offer.  


So please check us out. Pennsic itself offers an experience not to be missed. But you'll find a new home w/ Die Fledermaus. Indeed, you'll experience an alternate reality from the modern world that will keep you coming back again & again, year after year.

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