About Us:

Die Fledermaus:  German for "Flying Mouse' or "Bat." 


Born in an era of Gothic Sub-Culture, Die Fledermaus has since evolved into a scene camp for any & all who share an interest in the alternative or adult communities.


Clan Colors:  Burgundy, Black, & Silver.

Location:  The end of the ‘known world’ at the end of the cul-de-sac in E28.


We have been responsible for 5 separate spin off camps, chief among them is our sister clan: Kindermaus. This group serves as a camp for couples who have gone on to raise families & require a more kid friendly environment. Although we are separate & independent entities, we continue a tradition of very close relations.

A Bit of History:

  • 1987 => Camp founders attend their 1st Pennsic & establish Die Fledermaus.
  • 1988 => Sam, Fitz, Keith, & Leah move to the low-lands. From what served as the original location for the woods battle, Die Fledermaus & four other clans were the first to camp in what is now considered the swamp (later delineated the swamp & bog).
  • 1990’s => The next 10 years saw good times with mainly close friends but slow growth for the overall camp.
  • 2000 (+) => Die Fledermaus soon hit its stride in the early years of the new millennium. With more significant growth, the resources were available for a full build-out of camp amenities.  
  • 2006 => Our Sister Clan Kindermaus spins off to provide a more kid friendly camp for growing families.
  • 2010 => Building upon its membership & further implementing its main features, the group soon established itself as the camp it is today. Currently we carry annual attendance of 36-48, a camp chef, & full amenities for members (see below). In addition, we host or co-host some of the largest & most recognized parties for all of Pennsic.
  • 2017 => Die Fledermaus celebrates it's 30th Anniversary at Pennsic! Fun fact: Die Fledermaus & the Swamp were founded the same week as the theater release of the vampire classic "Lost Boys" (July 29th, 1987).


Hosted Parties:

Die Fledermaus hosts several parties large & small:


Carnival at Swampfest (2nd Mon):  Organized as a type of ‘room to room party’ with each camp offering its own theme, Swampfest encompasses the ENTIRE swamp from the cul-de-sac in E28 to the whole island of E31. As a combined effort, this has proven to be one of the largest & most progressive events for all of Pennsic. Keeping in line with our tradition, Die Fledermaus does what we do best - bring a level of revelry that raises the bar on debauchery & absolute possibility…

Swampfest has essentially replaced Mardi Gras - long recognized as one of the most beloved parties at war (cohosted by the entire block of E28). With this in mind, Die Fledermaus now presents “CARNIVAL” - a new twist on a theme you’ve always loved. We offer beads, drums, dancers, fire performers, open bar, krack-fries, demos, an active torture garden, plus a few surprises you’ll just have to see for yourself. So please join us, no doubt this will be a night of enticing possibility not to be missed!


Naked Spaghetti (Sat Middle Weekend):  Oddly, it's just what it sounds like - an all nude dinner party serving up some great pasta, open bar, & good times in a comfortable setting. Drummers & dancers are welcome! You’re already naked so the torture garden will be active. No need to be shy, just let your spirit run free & join us for a great evening of fun times & open possibility.  ;-)


Miss Swampy (TBA):  Not your usual beauty contest. Talent is subjective & our motives are shady. 


Off Season (year 'round):  Although the Pennsic After-Party & Yule are our main events for the off-season, casual gatherings take place throughout the year. So membership activities move WELL beyond the simple confines of Pennsic...


The Pennsic After-Party (Labor Day): Hosted just a few weeks after war, we miss the drums & comradery that war brings. So this offers a chance to gather the clan & 'friends of the family' for a post-pennsic send off. Good friends go well w/ good food & drink, while fire performances, dungeon, & a full night of revelry lasts well into the morning hours.


Yule (early Jan):  Hosted just after the December holidays, this is our annual gathering to bring friends & clan members together, join in some holiday cheer, exchange a few gifts (secret Santa style), & just have a really good time. Beyond the good company - bar & buffet, top DJ's, pole dancing, hot tub, & a night of endless possibility generally round things out.


Pennsic Parties Overall:


Aside from Die Fledermaus, one amazing aspect of Pennsic is the never ending night-life hosted by an incredible array of various camps. So grab a friend & go wander!  Bats take flight each night as Pennsic transforms itself to bring a bit of pure magic.


A few favorites you may want to check out (schedule subject to change)…

  • Pirate Party: Lost Boys (1st & 2nd Thurs).
  • Root Beer: Coney Island (Mid-Fri).
  • Ladies Tea: Vagabond's (Mid-Sat: afternoon).
  • Naked Spaghetti: Die Fledermaus (Mid-Sat).
  • Vlad’s Garden of Earthly Delights (Mid-Sat).
  • Springwood Forest / Pandora's Box (Mid-Sun).
  • Lowdy Toady: Casa Bardicci (Mid-Sun).
  • Lusty Wench Tavern (Mid-Sun).
  • Carnival at Swampfest: Die Fledermaus (2nd Mon).
  • Swampfest – E28-E31 (2nd Mon).
  • E23 Block Party (2nd Tues).
  • Tequila Tasting: Concusare.
  • Piper Competition: Mtn. Confederation, Brewer's Rd (2nd Tues).
  • Fizzball: Rogues (2nd Wed: 1pm).
  • Midnight Madness: vending (2nd Wed: late eve).
  • Settmour Swamp / Blue Feather - Joint Party (2nd Thurs).
  • Family & Friends @ Kindred.
  • End of the World Parties (final night).

But this is only a partial list!  The best resources for an updated schedule are…


The Burning of the Beds for End of the World!


Amenities & Camp Tour: 

  • Main Grounds:  Unlike many at Pennsic, one defining characteristic of Die Fledermaus is that we're located in the woods & have shade throughout camp. So while many bake in the mid-day sun, we enjoy the cool respite of shaded grounds throughout the day.
  • Kitchen / Dining:  A centerpiece of camp is a FULL Commercial Kitchen. This includes a main prep area, 2 propane stoves, a full grill, fryers, a restaurant grade sink w/ hot & cold running water, drying racks, shelving for storage, as well as various pots, pans, cooking & serving utensils, plus coolers for camp food. In addition, we have a full dining area with tables for seating. Both are placed under fly-tarps to ward off potential rain. In addition, we currently host a camp chef w/ a meal plan for brunch & dinner.
  • Main Bar:  Just off from the kitchen, we also have a commercial grade bar capable of serving parties with over 1,000 revelers. Trinkets & accents make for aesthetic appeal. This serves as a fundamental backdrop to our main area of social congregation.
  • Fire Pits:  Die Fledermaus actually maintains 3 separate fire pits. The main pit is the centerpiece of camp & serves as the nerve center for general interaction. However, a smaller area is located back where most people pitch tents, & a third is on the beach.
  • Play Space / Torture Garden:  As mentioned, Die Fledermaus is an adult camp for those interested in alternative sub-cultures. Consequently, the overall clan carries adult themes & our amenities reflect this. One such aspect is the camp's play-space & torture garden. Found here we boast a fully outfitted area for BDSM play: including a St. Andrews Cross, Stocks (Pillory), Spanking Bench, Sex Sling, two thrones, & a spectator area.  
  • Hammock Farm:  To the back of camp we also have a special area dedicated strictly to relaxation on a lazy afternoon. Several hammocks are hung & offer the perfect respite to ponder life or recover from a hard night of endless parties.
  • Showers:  We may party like medieval war lords, but that doesn't mean we actually want to live that way. Each morning we still want our coffee & a hot shower. So the camp maintains 2 showers with hot & cold running water & an adjoined changing area.
  • Das Beach:  Perfect for sitting on a warm afternoon as the calm rush of water passes by.


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